Hello and thank you for purchasing a coloring book! On behalf of all the artists, we really appreciate your support.

If you are not able to get the birds to fly across your phone, try it using the image below (you will need to open this page on another device). This is new technology for me and it doesn’t always work as expected! Make sure you are in Safari if you are on an iPhone.

Step 1

Scan the QR code from my page in the coloring book. Just open your camera and scan the code. It should take you to sarahridgley.com automatically.

Step 2

Once the page loads point it at the cover of your coloring book, or just use the image below.


I’ve made a few other animations if you want to check them out. You can also keep up with my art projects on Instagram. I hope you enjoy your coloring sheet, please share photos in the comments!

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